5 Unpopular Important Facts About Hagerty Insurance Agency

5 Unpopular Important Facts About Hagerty Insurance Agency

These are the 5 Upopular Important Facts About Hagerty Insurance Agency. Hagerty Insurance Agency popularly called Hagerty is a car insurance company based in the Traverse City Michigan, in the United States of America. It has two branches in in Canada and United Kingdom.

1. Hagerty is a Family Owned Business

Not many people know that this classic car insurance company is a family-owned venture. Hagerty was started in 1984 by Frank Hagerty and his wife, Louise Hagerty in the family basement.

Please, ask yourself: What’s my family doing to retain our name even 30 years after are gone?

2. Hagerty Was Built Around the Interest of the Founders

It was the passionate personal interest Frank Hagerty and his wife had about vintage boats and classic cars that led them in starting this billion dollar company as it is seen today.

When they couldn’t find any insurance coverage for their collectibles, they went on to build one for themselves. Not quite long after they started, ownership of vintage boats became a popular thing and the owners all needed to get an insurance for their boats, so this insurance firm began to get more clients.

3. Hagerty Offers One of the Best Benefits to their Agents

Becoming one of this classic car insurance agents will probably become the best choice you will ever make in your life as an independent insurance agent. I was not paid to say this but trust me, the benefits of becoming Hagerty agent are just too irresistible.

Even if you are just starting out in the insurance industry, you and your clients will have nothing to lose because you will not only be trained but will be gifted with marketing tools.

You can agree with us that not many insurance company does that, especial those in the classic car niche.

4. This Classic Car Company Have Over 600,000 Facebook Fans

What other social proof do you need to know that an insurance company is reliable when they have over 600,000 active followers on Facebook, over 1,000,000 cars, 12,000 cars and 30,000 motorcycles under their control, worth over $30 billion?

Growing as an independent insurance agent will become easier when you align yourself with a company that has over the years taken the pain to build their reputation. No stress, just plug and play.

And to those that are not agents or brokers, next time you want to insure your property, always look at their social proof. A mind-blowing proof like this makes it easier to find the best auto insurance company.

5.   They Are Dedicated to Giving Out 10% of their Net Profit  

Every now and then, Hagerty gives out 10% of their network in support of a cause they believe in. And that’s supporting organizations and initiatives passionate about the classic cars. Using this avenue, they revive the taste for classic cars among the youths.

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