List of Top Car and Auto Insurance Companies

List of Top Car and Auto Insurance Companies

In line with our vision to bring to your notice some of the best insurance blogs out there, we’ve come up with another list that will show you a few information about car and auto insurance companies.

In a previous post, we talked about list of top insurance blogs (in no specific order) and today, we shall be looking car and auto insurance companies.

Metropolitan Property Casualty Insurance Company
Metropolitan property and casualty insurance company is the subsidiary of the Brighthouse Life Insurance Company formerly known as MetLife Insurance Company based in Connecticut, United States of America.

Metropolitan property and casualty insurance company is a notable provider of property/casualty insurance for automobiles, homeowners and boats insurance.

70% of the premium accounts managed by Metropolitan property and casualty insurance company according to D & B Hoovers go to the auto insurance which includes both standard and non-standard policies.

This is not all there is about MetLife Insurance Company. You can find more details about them here

Amica Mutual Insurance Company
Amica, as they are simply called was established in 1907, and as a result is believed to be the oldest mutual insurer of automobiles in the United States of America.

Over the years, there are just about two key factors that makes Amica so significant among other auto insurance companies, and these are: stellar customer service delivery and strong financial strength.

According a report made available online by Andy Bowen on The Simple Dollar, Amica was listed as the best overall car insurance company amongst 15 companies that he thoroughly researched.

As at December, 2016, Amica had $5.1 billion worth of assets.

In order to take up more research about Amica, visit their website here.

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
According to the Insurance Journal report, published in 2016, State Farm is considered to be the largest car insurance company in the United States. With a net income of $6.2 billion in 2015, it’s practically impossible for anyone to beat that.

What makes them great is not in the huge income they make but in the excellent service they deliver to their customers. In order to have a prompt response anytime customers need their attention, they built a Pocket Agent Mobile App with which gives you the opportunity to reach out to any of the 18,000 agents across the globe. This is one feature many insurance companies don’t have.

To connect with State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, please follow here.

Travelers Home and Marine Insurance Company

Travelers home and Marine Insurance Company is one of the largest business insurers in the United States according to Vault.

The Travelers like it’s fondly called runs their insurance business across three segments: Business and International Insurance, Bond & Specialty Insurance and Personal Insurance.

In 2017, Travelers Home and Marine Insurance Company stated that plans has been concluded to acquire Simply Business, a UK-based online business insurance broker for $490 million.

In the U.S. alone where 95% of their business is concentrated, Travelers have more than 13,000 independent agents and brokers while at the same time establishing modest influence in countries like China, Brazil, Ireland and India.

To know more about them click here.

Progressive America Insurance Company

As far back as 1937, two great men teamed up to start Progressive Mutual Insurance Company. These two men, Joseph Lewis and Jack Green caught this vision to provide vehicle owners with the adequate security and protection needed, hence the emergence of an insurance company.

When it comes to innovation, Progressive America Insurance Company has been taking the lead. They were the first auto insurance company to offer their clients drive-in claims services and also approve that customers are permitted to pay for their premium services in installment.

Did that shock you? Here’s another breathtaking thing you need to know about progressive America Insurance Company…

Intelligence we gathered has it that they were the first insurance company to start online insurance. They did this as far back as 1995 when they set up their own website.

You can read up more about them here.


This post was not made to endorse any insurance company as being the best but to remind you of how well some of them are doing in the industry.

If we endorse any of them, you will see a banner clearly showing their company details and that must be in terms of having a competitive price, stellar customer service delivery, user experience, ability to adapt to changes in the fast-growing technology, claim management, policy management, learning materials, etc.

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